Seminario Poincaré


Trabajos presentados desde la primera convocatoria, marzo de 2002:

-Última convocatoria hasta el momento: 17 noviembre 2018

Lugar: Institut Henri Poincaré, Anphi Hermite. 11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris

Tema: L'Information


Kirone Mallick
Thermodynamique et information


Olivier Rioul
La théorie de linformation sans peine


Sergio Ciliberto
Landauer et le démon de Maxwell


Elham Kashefi
Quantum Verification


Christophe Salomon
La simulation quantique


Sabado, 9 de marzo de 2002
L'Énergie du Vide

Introduction Thibault Damour 2 pags 68 Kb fr
On the Cosmological Constant Problems and the Astronomical Evidence for a Homogeneus Energy Density with Negative Pressure Norbert Straumann 37 pags 443 Kb in
Introduction à l'effet Casimir Bertrand Duplantier 14 pags 277 Kb fr
Effet Casimir et Géométrie Roger Balian 11 pags 189 Kb fr
Measurement of the Atom-Wall Interaction: from London to Casimir-Polder Alain Aspect y Jean Dalibard 12 pags 298 Kb In
Recent Experiments on the Casimir Effect: Description and Analysis Astrid Lambrecht y Serge Reynaud 14 pags 253 Kb In
Dark Energy and the Destiny of the Universe Michel S. Turner 8 pags 68 Kb In

Sabado, 12 de octubre de 2002
La Renormalisation

An Introduction to Renormalization Vincent Rivasseau 29 pags 430 Kb in
Exact Renormalization Group Giovanni Gallavotti 24 pags 371 Kb in
Phase Transitions and Renormalization Group: from Theory to Numbers Jean Zinn-Justin 20 pags 1044 Kb In
Symétries Galoisiennes et Renormalisation Alain Connes 17 pags 290 Kb fr
The Anomalous Magnetic Moments of the Electron and the Muon Marc Knecht 33 pags 703 Kb In
Physics at the Large Hadron Collider Bruno Mansoulié 17 pags 357 Kb In

Sabado, 29 de marzo de 2003
La Condensation Bose-Einstein

La Condensation de Bose-Einstein: Introduction C. Cohen-Tannoudji 10 pags 154 Kb fr
Looking Back at Superfluid Helium Sébastien Balibar 10 pags 226 Kb in
Condensed Matter Approaches to Quantum Gases G. V. Shlyapnikov 17 pags 382 Kb In
Expériences avec des Atomes Froids Jean Dalibard et Christophe Salomon 24 pags 2600 Kb fr
Condensation de Bose-Einstein et Cohérence Quantique: de la Superfluidité à la Localisation, des Liquides de Fermi aux Supraconducteurs Philippe Nozières 11 pags 444 Kb fr

Sabado, 6 de diciembre de 2003

The Origins of the Entropy Concept Olivier Darrigol 12 pags 216 Kb in
Entropy, a Protean Concept Roger Balian 15 pags 226 Kb in
On the origin and use of Fluctuation Relations for Entropy Christian Maes 34 pags 395 Kb In
Work Fluctuations and Transient Violations of the Second Law: Perspectives in Theory and Experiments Félix Ritort 25 pags 709 Kb In
The Entropy of Black Holes: a primer Thibault Damour 27 pags 423 Kb In

Sabado, 03 de julio de 2004
La théorie des Cordes

String Theory: Past, Present and Future John H. Schwarz 22 pags 288 Kb in
The Mathematics of String Theory Robbert H. Dijkgraaf 15 pags 255 Kb in
Black Holes and Holography in String Theory Juan Maldacena 7 pags 173 Kb in

Sabado, 13 de noviembre de 2004
L'Effet Hall Quantique

25 Years of Quantum Hall Effect (QHE). a Personal View on the Discovery, Physics and Applications of this Quantum Effect Klaus Von Klitzing 16 pags 1217 Kb in
Physics in a Strong Magnetic Field Benoît DouÇot 22 pags 2025 Kb in
The Quantum Hall Effect as an Electrical Resistance Standard B. Jeckelmann and B. Jeanneret 13 pags 432 Kb in
Introduction to the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Steven M. Girvin 22 pags 276 Kb in
Tunneling Experiments in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Regime D. Christian Glattli 26 pags 1560 Kb in

Sabado, 9 de abril de 2005
Einstein, 1905-2005

The Genesis of the Theory of Relativity Olivier Darrigol 22 pags 514 Kb in
Special Relativity: A Centenary Perspective Clifford M. Will 20 pags 211 Kb in
Le mouvement brownien, "divers et ondoyant" Bertrand Duplantier 58 pags 3562 Kb fr
Experiments with single photons Philippe Grangier 11 pags 603 Kb in
Einstein 1905-2005: son approche de la physique Thibault Damour 25 pags 655 Kb fr
The Geometry of Relativistic Spacetime: from Euclid's Geometry to Minkowski's Spacetime Jacques Bros 45 pags 574 Kb in
The de Sitter and anti-de Sitter Sightseeing Tour Ugo Moschella 12 pags 917 Kb in

Sabado, 19 de noviembre de 2005
Décohérence Quantique

Decoherence and the Transition from Quantum to Classical-Revisited Wojciech Hubert Zurek 23 pags 682 Kb in
Monitoring the Decoherence of Mesoscopic Quantum Superpositions Jean-Michel Raimond 40 pags 4233 Kb in
Approaches to Quantum Error Correction Julia Kempe 29 pags 313 Kb in
Decoherence of a Quantum Bit Circuit G. Ithier, F. Nguyen, E. Collin, N. Boulant, P.J. Meeson, P. Joyez, D. Vion, and D. Esteve 19 pags 709 Kb in
Roots and Fruits of Decoherence H. Dieter Zeh 15 pags 176 Kb in
Dynamical Consequences of Strong Entanglement Eric Joos 12 pags 234 Kb in

Sabado, 28 de octubre de 2006
Gravitation & Expérience

La Relativité Générale aujourd'hui Thibault Damour 40 pags 427 Kb fr
Beyond Einstein's Gravity Ignatios Antoniadis 14 pags 373 Kb in
Testing Einstein in Space: The Gravity Probe B Relativity Mission John Mester and the GP-B Collaboration 7 pags 454 Kb in
The Double Pulsar Michel Kramer 27 pags 2823 Kb in
Instruments for Gravitational Wave Astronomy Jean-Ives Vinet 24 pags 850 Kb in

Sabado, 28 de abril de 2007
Espaces Quantiques

Quantum Hall Effect and Noncommutative Geometry Vincent Pasquier 14 pags 178 Kb in
Noncommutative Renormalization Vincent Rivasseau 81 pags 2982 Kb in
Noncommutative Fluids Alexios P. Polychronakos 42 pags 298 Kb in
Heisenberg Spin Chains: from Quantum Groups to Neutron Scattering Experiments Jean Michel Maillet 39 pags 745 Kb in
Noncommutative geometry and the spectral model of space-time Alain Connes 24 pags 280 Kb in

Sabado, 8 de diciembre de 2007
Le Spin

Spin or, Actually: Spin and Quantum Statistics Jürg Fröhlich 56 pags 451 Kb in
Spin in Physical Space, Internal Space, and Hilbert Space Frank Wilczek 20 pags 191 Kb in
Probing a Single Isolated Electron: New Measurements of the Electron Magnetic Moment and the Fine Structure Constant Gerald Gabrielse 38 pags 852 Kb in
Anyons and Lowest Landau Level Anyons Stéphane Ouvry 31 pags 1596 Kb in
Spintronic: Recent Developments and Perspective in Spintronic, part 1 Albert Fert 10 pags 3546 Kb in
Spintronic: Recent Developments and Perspective in Spintronic, part 2 Albert Fert 10 pags 2750 Kb in
Spintronic: Recent Developments and Perspective in Spintronic, part 3 Albert Fert 10 pags 3682 Kb in
Magnetic Resonance Imaging: From Spin Physics to Medical Diagnosis Pierr-Jean Nacher 35 pags 3612 Kb in

Sabado, 31 de enero de 2009

Motor Proteins as Nanomachines: The Roles of Thermal Fluctuations in Generating Force and Motion Jonathon Howard 12 pags 253 Kb in
Constructing Tools for the Description of Cell Dynamics Jean-Francois Joanny y Jacques Prost 31 pags 2366 Kb in
Studies of DNA-Replication at the Single Molecule Level Using Magnetic Tweezers M. Manosas, T. Lionnet, E. Praly, D. Fangyuan, j.F. Allemand, D. Bensimon, and Vincent Croquette 29 pags 4271 Kb in
Evolution of Biological Complexity Raymond Goldstein 14 pags 13250 Kb in
Conscious and Nonconscious Processes: Distinct Forms of Evidence Accumulation? Stanislas Dehaene 26 pags 710 Kb in

Sabado, 21 de noviembre de 2009
Verres et Materiaux Granulaires

Transtion vitreuse et "jamming" Giulio Biroli 31 pags 5.062 Kb in
Dense Granular Flows Thomas C. Halsey 23 pags 1.097 Kb in
La transition vitreuse Jorque Kurchan 21 pags 4.698 Kb in
Ecoulements granulaires Olivier Pouliquen 32 pags 12.621 Kb in
Granular Glasses Dave Weitz 13 pags 751 Kb in

Sabado, 05 de junio de 2010
Le Chaos

L'attracteur de Lorenz, paradigme du chaos Etienne Ghys 52 pags 5662 Kb fr
Effet dynamo & chaos magnétique Stéphan Fauve 36 pags 8339 Kb in
Introduction to Quantum Chaos Uzy Smilansky 26 pags 505 Kb in
Quantum Chaos & Riemann f-function Jon Keating 39 pags 1203 Kb in
Chaos in Microwave Billiards Hans-Juergen Stoeckmann 19 pags 1619 Kb in
Chaos dans le Système Solaire Jacques Laskar 26 pags 1524 Kb fr
Anatomy of quantum chaotic eigenstates Stéphane Nonnenmacher 44 pags 1229 Kb in

Sabado, 04 y 18 de diciembre de 2010
Le Temps

Primera parte (04 de diciembre):
Temps et relativité T. Damour 15 pags 228 Kb in
(Ir)réversibilité et entropie C. Villani 59 pags 758 Kb fr
Time's Arrow at the Nanoscale C. Salomon 11 pags 3038 Kb fr
Mesure du temps au XXI siècle C. Jarzynski 26 pags 426 Kb in
Segunda parte (18 de diciembre):
Time's Arrow & Eddington Challenge Huw Price 26 pags 568 Kb in
Time's Arrow at the Landfors Theorem J. Uffink 33 pags 330 Kb in

Sabado, 24 de noviembre de 2012
Poincaré 1912-2012

Poincaré et la lumière Olivier Darrigol 43 pags 1047 Kb in
Poincaré et le problème des trois corps Alain Chenciner 89 pags 4440 Kb in
Poincaré et le hasard Laurent Mazliak 37 pags 288 Kb fr
Poincaré's Odds Laurent Mazliak 38 pags 303 Kb in
Poincaré et le Théorème d'uniformisation François Beguin 34 pags 367 Kb fr

Sabado, 07 de diciembre de 2013
Bohr 1913-2013

- Keeping Things Open:
Texto pdf T. Bohr 17 pags 285 Kb in
Diapositivas, Video,
- Niels Bohr's Creativity:
Texto pdf J. Heilbron 40 pags 285 Kb in
Diapositivas, Video,
- Bohr's Legacy Cavity QED:
Texto pdf S. Haroche 39 pags 9.9 Mb in
Diapositivas, Video,
- Bohr and Einstein-Entanglement:
Texto pdf A. Aspect 25 pags 322 Kb in
Diapositivas, Video,
- Rydberg Atom interactions:
Texto pdf A. Browaeys 20 pags 2.6 Mb in
Diapositivas, Video,
- Bohr and Kant:
Texto pdf M. Bitbon 22 pags 178 Kb in
Diapositivas, Video,

Sabado, 28 de junio de 2014
Matière de Dirac

- Graphene, Relativistic & Quantum
Texto pdf Philip Kim 21 pags 2.5 Mb in
- Dirac Fermions in Two Dimensions
Texto pdf Mark Goerbig y Gilles Montambaux 27 pags 9.1 Mb in
- Impurity Scattering in Graphene QED
Texto pdf Hélène Bouchiat 18 pags 1.2 Mb in
- Topological Insulator Experiments
Texto pdf Laurent Lévy 17 pags 6.7 Mb in
- Topology of Bands in Solids
Texto pdf David Carpentier 32 pags 7.8 Mb in

Sabado, 29 de noviembre de 2014
Le Boson H

- Le bosón de Brout-Englert-Higgs
Texto pdf F. Englert 18 pags 12.1 Mb in
- La Découverte du Boson H au LHC
Texto pdf Y. Sirois 26 pags 2.4 Mb in
- bosones scalaires et supersymétrie
Texto pdf P. Fayet 13 pags 210 Kb in
- futuros de Recherches sur le (s) de Higgs (s) scalaire (s)
Texto pdf L. Fayard 18 pags 2.8 Mb in
- Implicaciones de la Découverte du Boson H
Texto pdf A. Djouadi 43 pags 3.5 Mb in

Sabado, 21 de noviembre de 2015

La théorie du Big Bang Jean-Philippe Uzan x pags xx Kb xx
Le fond cosmologique Jean-Yves Puget xx pags xxx Kb xx
Massive Black Holes and Galaxy Evolution Reinhard Genzel xx pags xxx Kb xx
Les grandes structures de l'Univers Yannick Mellier xx pags xxx Kb xx
Les exoplanètes Arnaud Cassan xx pags xxx Kb xx

Sabado, 02 de julio de 2016
Cordes & Maths

What is Gravity? H. Ooguri x pags xx Kb xx
Catching Monodrome A. Okounkov xx pags xxx Kb xx
Quantum Geometry R. Dijkgraaf xx pags xxx Kb xx
Geometry and Physics: Past & Future N. Hitchin xx pags xxx Kb xx
The End of Spacetime N. Arkani-Hamed xx pags xxx Kb xx

Sabado, 03 de diciembre de 2016
Ondes Gravitationnelles

Ondes Gravitationnelles et trous noirs binaires Texto-- Video T. Damour x pags xx Kb xx
The Virgo and LIGO Instruments Video Caterine N. Man xx pags xxx Kb xx
Gravitational Waves Detected Texto-- Video D. Shoemaker xx pags xxx Kb xx
Ondes Gravitationnelles et analyse de données Texto-- Video E. Chassande-Mottin xx pags xxx Kb xx
Exploring the Universe with Gravitational Waves Texto M. Maggiore xx pags xxx Kb xx

Sabado, 17 de noviembre de 2018
L' Information

Thermodynamique et information Texto Kirone Mallick 42 pags 1,7 Mb in
La théorie de linformation sans peine Texto Olivier Rioul 34 pags 389 Kb in
Landauer et le démon de Maxwell Texto Sergio Ciliberto 23 pags 2,9 Mb in
Quantum Verification Texto Eric Elham Kashefi 88 pags 1,8 Mb in
La simulation quantique Texto Christophe Salomon 1 pags 64 Kb in